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We love what we do. We clean your office like its our own. Its not just a promise, its a way of life for us.

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Virgin Janitorial is the fastest growing janitorial company in Canada and for good reason, our customers love the Owner Operator concept.


Our Partners are Owner-Operators of their own businesses and thrive on delivering A+ World Class 'Quality' commercial cleaning.


With Virgin Janitorial you get quality cleaning from a company that cares. We love helping people, we love our partners and most of all, we love cleaning. When it comes to your company brand and image; you can trust Virgin Janitorial and our 10 years of experience.

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    Banks & Offices


Employees have families and bringing sickness home with them expands the problem. This is the unhealthy scenario; At Virgin Janitorial we do not only aim for..

Medical & Dental


Medical and Dental Centers are considered to be safe places for treatment. Sanitize and disinfect these health facilities is our main priority and our...

Schools & Daycares


Schools and Daycares have the awesome responsibility to educate and care for children, when it comes to schools and daycares we take our role serious and we will..

Industrial Facilities


Large Industrial facilities that are not properly cleaned become a thriving ground for germs and diseases. We are experts in the field of sanitation and we can offer several different...

The Virgin Janitorial Difference

Virgin Janitorial has over 10 years of experience

Virgin Janitorial 3 Steps to Start The Process


If you're worried about the amount of work that goes into changing your Janitorial Service provider, you wouldn't be alone!


This is the number one reason businesses don’t make the switch in order to receive a better service. That's why we created our one of a kind three step process, to help make changing easier for you.

Call any Virgin Janitorial office (over 170 partners to choose from) or by filling out the form below

Using our building cost calculator, our Client Service Manager will deliver you your monthly cost, checklist and start day over the phone

Start receiving a A+ World Class and headache free cleaning service you and your employees deserve.

Virgin Janitorial has been helping business owners, directors, managers and franchise chains with brand impressions and image since 2013


At Virgin Janitorial we always over deliver each and every time - that's the Virgin Janitorial Promise. 100% Guarantee or your money back.

At Virgin Janitorial we always over deliver, each and every time - That's the Virgin Janitorial Promise


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Michael James

19 days ago

I love the smell of my office after they leave. I recommend them. These guys are great.

Rob Kowalski

11 days ago

We have used Virgin Janitorial for several of our projects; they are always professional,

pleasant to deal with and do a great job every time. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend them to anyone.

Henry Thompson

8 days ago

We are very happy with our cleaning services from Virgin Janitorial. I was just thinking this morning how nice it is to not have to think about cleaning because you look after it all. Thank you.

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